How Financial Advisors Can Use to Benefit Their Clients

How Financial Advisors Can Use to Benefit Their Clients

Financial Advisor with clients who want to buy a home

If you’re a financial advisor, you know how important it is to help your clients plan for the future and make smart financial decisions—especially if they’re thinking about buying a home. However, with people having such diverse financial backgrounds, it can be difficult to track and provide the best tips. Fortunately, there’s a tool that makes it easy: the mortgage number calculator from It’s a tool that provides users with insights on their overall strengths and weaknesses in today’s mortgage environment. Below, we’ll go over how financial advisors can use to benefit their clients!


What is a Mortgage Number?


A mortgage number is a determiner that offers insights on how financial institutions view users as a borrower. To get your result, you simply have to input your financial information to our mortgage number calculator to find out your status. It shows you a number along with a color. With green you qualify, gray you’re on the border, and red needs work. The higher your mortgage number, the stronger candidate you are from the lender’s perspective.


Mortgage Number (How Financial Advisors Can Use to Benefit Their Clients)


How Financial Advisors Can Use to Benefit Their Client


Financial advisors would absolutely benefit from this tool as they can provide a quick and accurate status of their client’s position. By simply imputing their financial information, you can instantly provide them with valuable information about their eligibility. The best part is that this tool is completely free! No personal or credit card information ever! It’s simply here to make the complicated home buying processes a little easier.


Saves Time & Money


Knowing ahead of time what potential homebuyers can and cannot qualify for will save everyone time and money. The universal lending system was not designed for the borrower. It includes a complicated qualification process filled with intricate jargon and complex processes. Mortgage Number helps people save the time necessary to scale their goals with a clear understanding of the opportunities available in the mortgage space. With this tool, financial advisors can confidently provide their clients with insights. This enables financial advisors to create better financial plans and get their client’s goals accomplished with more accuracy and in a shorter amount of time.



Provides Value


If a financial advisor can provide their clients with some added value that people cannot find anywhere else, they’ll be more likely to succeed! Our site is intended for planning and educational purposes and relies on your input and assumptions. So if you use this tool wisely, you can prepare your clients to either take the next steps towards buying a home or create a plan that will prepare them to do so. When the time comes to connect with a lender, you’ll be sure that your client is ready!


Provides Valuable Information


Today there are two underwriting standards that you can qualify with. One, the Qualified Mortgage (QM) that utilizes the traditional underwriting standard. The second, NON-Qualified Mortgage (NON-QM), which offers more possibilities for you to qualify. NON-QM underwriting does not follow the traditional standard. Mortgage Number utilizes both. This convergence provides the best of both worlds when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. This collective greatly enhances people’s qualifying reach, allowing them to do more when it comes to qualifying. Mortgage Number allows users to tap into the power of both lending continuums and know where they fit in today’s lending environment. This is a perfect tool for financial advisors to use with their clients.


As a financial advisor, ensuring that your clients are following the right path toward their goals is essential, and if you have a tool that will make the process more easy, efficient, and accurate, why not use it? Mortgage Number is free and available to everyone! We hope this blog helps you see how financial advisors can use to benefit their clients! To use this valuable tool, click here.