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Mortgage Number is the first step in financing your home whether it's a purchase or refinance. We provide a free opportunity to explore what is most beneficial to you when it comes to ‘qualifying for a mortgage’.

Unlocking your financing potential is our goal. Our Mortgage Number Calculator is intended to help you understand your financial situaiton when it comes to financing, and help you plan for the future. So when it comes time to connect with a lender, you’re confident and ready.

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Mortgage Comparison Calculator

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Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Qualified Mortgage Loans Using Underwriting to Determine Your Mortgage Number

Today there are two underwriting standards that you can qualify with: Qualified Mortgage (QM) that utilizes the traditional underwriting standard, and NON-Qualified Mortgage (NON-QM) which offers more possibilities for you to qualify. Mortgage Number utilizes both to calculate your number, which means the best of both worlds when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. This collective greatly enhances your qualifying reach, allowing you to do more when it comes to qualifying.

Your Mortgage Number falls on a range of 375-1000. The higher your Mortgage Number, the stronger you are from the lenders perspective. With Green you qualify, the higher your Mortgage Number makes you a stronger borrower in their eyes. A Mortgage Number of 1000 with NO RED indicates that you’re ‘over qualified’. This can be rewarded with better rates and terms.