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Overall Strengths and Weaknesses in Today’s Mortgage Environment


Let’s not waste time. Mortgage Number® illustrates your overall strengths and weaknesses in today’s mortgage environment.

With ‘Green’, you qualify. The higher your Mortgage Number, the stronger you are from the lender’s perspective. With Gray; you’re close and Red; needs work. Let’s take a look!

Mortgage Number® is not a credit score but offers insight into how financial institutions view you as a borrower, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

If you’re going with a Direct Lender or Mortgage Broker, knowing your ‘strengths and weaknesses’ can be to your advantage. Obtaining the lowest interest rate with the lowest fees is the goal. Knowing how the financial world views you as a borrower can save you time and money. Mortgage Number will get you there.

How much mortgage might I qualify for?

Today’s Mortgage Environment: Advantage You

Mortgage Number® is the first step in financing your Home with a Purchase or Refinance. We provide the opportunity to explore what is most beneficial to you when it comes to ‘qualifying for a mortgage’. To further expand on a mortgage loan click here.

Unlocking your potential is our goal. Our site is intended for planning and educational purposes and relies on your input and assumptions. So when it comes time to connect with a Lender, you’re ready. Similar to a credit score, our Number Range is 375-1000; with 1000 being the best.

Mortgage Eligibility Criteria

Online Search

Sure. Have you searched ‘mortgage qualification’ and have been satisfied with the experience or information? Typically, you go through several pages, surrendering personal information with no reward or conclusion other than, ‘someone’ will get back to you…

NOW you can instantly know what you qualify for with NO personal information needed or required and with no commitment.
Our approach provides relevant, situational meaning, tailored to you instantly, enabling you to move forward with confidence!


Today there are two underwriting standards that you can qualify with.

  • One is the Qualified Mortgage (QM) which utilizes the traditional underwriting standard.
  • Second, a NON-Qualified Mortgage (NON-QM) offers more possibilities for you to qualify. NON-QM underwriting does not follow the traditional standard.

Mortgage Number utilizes both. This confluence provides the best of both worlds when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. This collective greatly enhances your qualifying reach, allowing you to do more when it comes to qualifying. Tap into the power of both lending continuums and know where you fit in today’s lending environment.

Qualification Calculator


Lenders like people that can qualify for the mortgage payment, simple enough. It does not stop there, today’s lenders also want you to be able to make all your payments beyond your housing costs and taxes without difficulty.

Mortgage Number provides ‘insight’ on what lenders like through our ‘Dial‘; your Color and Number. With Green you qualify, the higher your Mortgage Number makes you a stronger borrower in their eyes. A Mortgage Number of 1000 with NO RED indicates that you’re ‘over qualified’. This can be rewarded with better rates and terms.

In today’s mortgage environment, know your Mortgage Number® before you start the mortgage application process.